Why is Your Success Dependent on Your Brand?

Do your clients know your point of difference?

  • Grow your market share – We can provide the strategic expertise to assist you & your team to
    grow your brand profile and achieve the market dominance you need!

  • Find your magic – Work with a brand expert who can help define your USP and develop it in the marketplace.

  • Grow your profile and reduce costs – An experienced real estate media trainer and presenter, Ed shows you how to use media effectively.

  • We provide the coaching you need to develop a brand to lead the market!

AdSuccess Residential Industry Offer

AdBrand Coaching

(Brand specific but can involve more than one office)

AdSuccess Real Estate Industry – AdBrand Coaching & Training


Content can be customised to meet your needs!

  • Focused sessions with individuals or teams by negotiation

Session 1: (2 hours covering)

  • Analysis and Market Position

  • USP discovery and development

  • Feature & Benefit analysis

  • Target Market Analysis

  • Positioning Statement

  • What value do I bring? / Why choose me?

Session 2:  (1 hour covering)

  • Discovery client presentation

  • Results of discovery analysis

  • Suggested target market

  • Suggested positioning statement

  • Potential market headlines and theme

  • Web, print and social story ideas and concepts

Now more than ever you need to invest in your team to achieve the growth your business demands!


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